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    Welcome to the desktop!

    Hallo there! I am an Egg called Scrib this is my "PC" but not really, I hope you enjoy your stay though! I make many a thing for people to enjoy; Games, Music, art and stuff like this website!

    If you head over to the games folder below, you can find a project I am working on called "Nyt-Net". A multi-media game designed to take the feel of a early 2000s chat room and turn it on its head. It may not have ever existed then, but it hopefully feels like it did during that time period!

    I have more stuff though! I have also created many other games, such as my dream diary games - The quantum series. I've also made a few shitpost games. I hope you check some of these out! I've put a lot of work into these over the years. Sure these games aren't everyone's cup of tea, but they were made with passion ⋆⭒˚。⋆

    I'm writing something called Geul Locus, not 100% sure what I wanna do with it yet but it's; a grimdark world with old gods, floating cities and medieval civilizations that are obsessed with new technology, that they probably shouldn't have. I have no idea when or if I'll ever get this released. However, if you're interested pop by the discord and I'd be happy to share what I have!

    I also have some music that you can listen to from the Win-Amp window a bit further down this page. Plus I got some weird art that you can dive into the art folder to find, if that's more your vibe. I hope you enjoy exploring my PC!

    This site was last updated on 16th.February.2024

    If you want to find out more about Scrib, check out the stuff folder!

Please check the folders!

  • Down here is where I keep my folders!
  • Most of them are self explanatory except the Shrines one. The shrines one will take you to a sub-page for shrines, shrines if you aren't familiar is a page dedicated to a specific topic!
  • The Games one will link to the games service!

  • Hey I've left an egg here for ya! This egg is magic and will bring you back to the PC login page if you find yourself elsewhere! Feel free to take it with you if you ever wish to return to this place ^_^

  • There are some other not so magic easter eggs hidden around the site. There are currently 3, see if you can find them all! Clicking them might hold a surprise!

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Social Egg Stuff!

    I have links to all the latest hi-tech communication stuffs here; Discord, evil bird x box and infuriating video store!
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Hey we got music from games!

  • You see win-amp there? It has some choice tracks from my games!
  • More songs at the songs shelf!