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Hackers Shrine

    Hackers Movie

    The Movie Hackers was released in 1996, admittedly before my time. Ever since I found it on an old forum I've since forgotten, I've loved it. The movie is full of 90s cheese and cringeworthy technobabble. It is so unapologetic with making hacking a spectacle its almost admirable. Hacking isn't anywhere near as flashy as its depicted in the film, but they had to do so in order to generate interest. I think this is why I enjoy the film so much, it makes an effort to make it exciting and fun.

    Hackers Movie Poster

    The film follows the story of Dade who gets caught hacking when he is very young. Due to his age his punishment is probation from using computers until he is 18. Years later, he comes back to hacking under a new alias, and gets wrapped up in trouble again. It ends up him and his new hacker friends, need to solve the mystery of a computer virus they're framed of planting. There are many clichés in the story and as I previously mentioned, its super cheesy but if you can excuse these, its a pretty fun watch.


    Another aspect of the film that I really enjoy is the styles each character has. They are each pretty unique and don't follow similar patterns, though some have inconsistencies.

    Dade's Desktop

    Dade has a very colourful style, reflected somewhat in the design of this page. It doesn't really do his GUI style much justice though. Lots of use of Bombs and Skulls in the design, it seems to be based off of of a period version of Mac OS. Occasionally, you can see the window headers in segments where it shows him messaging Kate in the opening duel.

    Kate's Desktop

    As well put by Cereal Killer in Kate's flat she has a pretty psychedelic style. Heavy use of acid like texture and Fire which matches her handle. We don't get to see it in action too much though.

    Emmanuel's Desktop

    Cereal Killer or Emmanuel's desktop isn't seen at all to my knowledge, which is a shame as I imagine it would be quite wacky given his personality.

    Joey's Desktop

    I think the Phantom Phreak and Joey maybe share the same style as Joey looks up to Phreak a lot through the film. In the final hack scene they both appear to have the same desktop layout, only difference being Phreak has a rabbit virus and Joey has the Cookie virus. The style again is pretty Psychedelic and colourful! Oozes 90s and looks completely impractical, the cookie virus is pretty goofy as well. Best one of the bunch in my opinion.

    Lord Nikon's Desktop

    Lord Nikon's desktop is the most plain of the bunch. Clear signs of Mac OS again but this time with camera and photo editing references. Despite it being pretty plain, its clean and practical compared to the others.